Sheryl Gay Stolberg Her mother sent her to a friend in Texas, who took her for a “back alley” abortion at a clinic in Mexico. “A lot of girls and women in my generation didn’t make it — they died from unsafe abortions,” she said. But Representative Kat Cammack, a freshman from Florida and the lone Republican member of Congress to testify, offered a starkly different personal story, telling her colleagues that she “would not be here” if her mother, who suffered a stroke after having her first child, had not rebuffed a doctor’s advice to have an abortion. “You can imagine the feeling, the disappointment, the struggle, the internal anguish that my mother felt,” Ms. Cammack said, adding, “She chose life. That wasn’t an easy decision for a single mom.” The debate over abortion rights has flared up again on Capitol Hill after the Supreme Court refused last month to block a Texas law prohibiting most abortions . With other states rushing to enact similar restrictions, and the court, now dominated by conservatives, preparing to take up a case that could overturn the 1973 decision in Roe v.

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Members are asked to bring a food donation for a local charity. “Peppa Pig Live! Peppa Pig’s Adventure” will bring the loveable, cheeky little piggy to live audiences at the Dothan Civic Center on Oct. 23 for a 60-minute live musical experience. For tickets and more information, including VIP Meet & Greet packages, visit . Low Country Boil at Landmark Park will be Oct. 28 at 6 p.m. Shrimp, sausage, corn, potatoes and a blend of spices will simmer in a 60-gallon kettle for a mouthwatering dish. Advance tickets are required. The event also features music, a silent auction and hot dogs for the kids.

And they did not trade within a ten-day window before rate-setting meetings. It was also hardly good the first time that Fed officials, many with backgrounds in finance, have disclosed big investments. Critics have never much liked that. But the Fed’s outsized role in markets in response to the covid-19 pandemic has forced the issue. At best, active trading looks unbecoming for central bankers tasked with safeguarding the economy. At worst, there are questions about whether Fed officials might benefit from private information or whether their personal portfolios might influence their policy thinking. Other central banks might face similar quandaries. The Bank of Canada, for instance, permits employees to invest in a wide range of assets, restricting just higher-level staff from holding shares in financial firms.